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Let us manage your IT infrastructure, so you can manage your business.  

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IT is always changing rapidly. Having the proper technologies in place for your business are critical to your success. EBS Networks is not just another IT company, our services are specialized to fit your companies needs.

 Managed network care

All businesses have computers today and even when a business is 100% dependent on those computers most small business owners haven’t taken them serious enough to put the care for them in the budget. Everyone knows the day the computers go down is when business suffers. So why not make sure the computers are reliable and there is a plan for keeping them running with a managed network solution?

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In today’s business world network computer downtime is very expensive. Network or workstation downtime can be the cause of major cash flow issues. If a server fails or a virus attacks a workstation or spyware gets by the latest operating system patches it can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix all the issues. On top of repairing the problems, count the money lost due to downtime. EBS Networks can minimize risks through innovative network designs and timely maintenance.


EBS Networks has learned through experience in managing networks with thousands of users over the past 25+ years that one thing for sure is computers and networks require maintenance. From updates to beating spyware and hackers, there is always work to do. In fact the average network computer needs about one hour per month in support or maintenance. Updates, virus protection, additional software and minor repairs can easily add up to many additional hours of maintenance per month. 
If your network is challenging you, give us a call. We can bring both our forward thinking business ideas and solutions to the table to help you achieve a stable and reliable network, and our experience on how to use your network resources to stay ahead of your competition.             

Specialized support

From simple daily support for the users to disaster recovery our Managed Network Care program covers all your needs. No longer will users be complaining to you with daily problems about their computers. Our help desk technicians give them a place to go for experienced and timely support. Show your employees you care about them, call us today about a custom Managed Network Care program.